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Mat + Amy, a Wentworth Inn Wedding in Jackson NH

I would kill for a beautiful fall day right about now. Luckily, all I have to do is watch Mat & Amy's magical wedding to remember why I love New England.

They were married back in October at the Wentworth Inn in Jackson, NH. This town is perfectly quaint with a surprising amount to do and picturesque views that are absolutely stunning. Amy and Mat, you guys totally nailed it by picking this place. 

It started POURING during the ceremony, but when they walked down the aisle as husband and wife they greeted with a rainbow outside. I'm smiling just thinking about it. The weather held up for the rest of the evening and we drove around town with the lovely Dasha Kazakova Photography team. Amy and Mat ventured out onto a rocky waterfall in their formal attire and gave us some of undoubtedly the best images of our lives. (Thanks for being brave in those heels Amy!) The sun was setting, the dampness on the ground reflected the light softly, and a thin fog touched the trees. I just, words, can't. 

After some emotional speeches, and amazing food, they partied their butts off the rest of the evening. Then me and my second shooter drove to our Airbnb and partied all night with this cat named Calcifer. 

No, not really, we went to bed because we were exhausted from an amazing day of shooting. 

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