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Greek Orthodox Odyssey Boat Boston Wedding Film, Gina + Tony

"Your soulmate is not someone who comes into your life peacefully. Its someone who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality. Somebody that marks a before and after in your life."

Gina and Tony epitomize that elusive word, soulmate. Though many of us come to think of that term as unattainable, or over simplistic, Gina's sister in her toast, perfectly describes a more accurate and meaningful sense of the word. Gina and Tony each had their own separate and successful lives filled with friends and family. But one day, they set themselves on a path to change each other's lives. 


When Gina and Tony reached out about having their Greek Orthodox and Boat Cruise reception wedding filmed, I nearly jumped with excitement for two reasons. First, we had never filmed a Greek Orthodox ceremony, and second, we had never filmed on a boat! 


We started out the day getting at the beautiful Boston Harbor Hotel, where we had a balcony view to the boat down below where the reception would take place only a few hours later. 


After that it was off to the church for the ceremony. The Greek Orthodox ceremony is full of visually rich customs, exchanging crowns, walking in a circle, smoke billowing out of the thurible. 

Just like that, these two soulmates were bound together in marriage! We took our Dramamine (safety first people) and all hoped on board the Odyssey Boston's newest ship. 

Gina and Tony were lead into the room by a huge drum powered Lebanese Band, and danced for quite a while with everyone.  


It was surreal to see the Boston skyline fading into the night as we pulled away from the dock and as Gina's niece sang "The Prayer" along with a violin accompaniment. Sometimes life FEELS like a movie, and this was certainly one of those times. 


For the reception they had a Lebanese Band and a DJ! Though the dance floor was small, everyone partied hard from the first deck all the way up to the third. 


And now your moment of zen....


Do I Need a Wedding Video?


Without a doubt, the NUMBER 1 thing already married couples tell me they regret about their wedding, is not getting a video. (Don't believe me? Here's the cold hard stats.) If you are still on the fence, here are some specific examples of why you NEED a wedding video.

With a Wedding Video You Don’t Miss Important Moments

Things fly by quickly and some special moments happen faster than you may expect. 

When my best friend was planning to marry her high school sweet heart, she didn’t express much interest in a video so I never pushed the subject.

On the big day, being the maid of honor, of course I was doing a lot of running around behind the scenes and missed a lot of beautiful moments. During the ceremony I got an incredible view of the back of her dress, but missed seeing the smiles on both her and her husband’s faces as they read each other their vows. 

At the reception, I know I gave a great speech but since it was on-the-fly I don’t remember a single word. To top it all off, I completely missed the father/daughter dance while trying urgently to find her purse because the reception was about to end.

When I asked her about what she totally missed that day, she said "one of her groomsman feinting in the middle of the ceremony because it was hilarious and over way too quick." (By the way, definitely not the first time I have seen that happen.)

While the pictures were beautiful, it was not the same as watching those things happen in continuous real time, and hearing them. Which brings me to my next point.

The Sound of People’s Voices and What They Say

No picture can capture the sound of someone’s laugh or voice, or their quirks and mannerisms as if they are standing right in front of you. How else will you remember the inflection of your voice during your vows, or those speeches at the reception, or the laughs shared while you get ready? 

Listen to this amazingly sweet thing a groom said to his bride during their first look...

I had NO IDEA what they were saying to each other while I was filming 80 feet away, and just about cried when I watched it during editing. Same couple, this time listen to their vows. 

Or how about this crazy creative rap speech by a Maid of Honor? 

I could go on and on, but the point is that without a wedding video, these moments would be lost to time. 

The Story

Here at Olive Ewe Productions our videos are more than capturing the special moments and audio of one day, they are handcrafted love stories. Our stories emotionally transport you to a time and place. If you don't believe me, click play below. 

There you have it, some pretty darn good reasons to have a wedding video. Let's get started on yours, drop me a line today <3


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