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Waverly Oaks in Plymouth MA Wedding

These two lovely people have one of my favorite engagement stories because of its practicality and perfect sweetness. Diana and Suraj had been together for several years when they finally decided to get married, together.  It's not very often you hear this sort of thing but it suits their personalities and relationship so well, it could not have gone down any other way.

Once they mutually agreed marriage was the next step for them, they decided on a date to announce to their friends and family. That morning they woke up and read each other personally crafted vows (some of which you actually hear in their film). That evening they saw a concert and walked around Harvard Square. No anxiety or pressure, just a lovely day together, and I would say the exact same was the overall feeling of their wedding day. (Well except for maybe a few butterflies before publicly declaring their love for each other in front of rough 120 people.) 

Their wedding took place entirely at Waverly Oaks Golf Club in Plymouth MA. The weather was literally perfect, for real check out the sunset they got. 

Their wedding ceremony was a Western and Indian mix that was perfectly balanced. Diana wore a white gown that converted to short for maximum fun dancing times at the reception! And she had henna hand and feet art done in keeping with Indian custom. 

They are so freaking adorable, they choreographed this little number to "Boogie Shoes" to entertain their guests a bit at the reception and it really got the party started. Check out some more sick dance moves and listen to their sweet personalized vows in their wedding video. 

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