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Harbor Lights Rhode Island Wedding Film, Jenn + Ryan

With a bit of luck, Jenn and Ryan met at a bar during the Red Sox World Series game 6. Ryan, ever the social lovable guy, struck up a conversation with Jenn. As Jenn went to leave, her friend slipped Ryan a napkin with Jenn's number on it. What followed was a World Series winning game 7 for the Sox, a first kiss on a first date, and the spark of a relationship that would unite two hearts and families forever. 

Jenn and Ryan were married on April 21st of 2017 surrounded by their friends and family. Their day started with exchanging heartfelt notes to each other. Ryan wrote about all the advice and wonderful things he looks forward to sharing with other people in the future about marriage. Boy does he know how to get a room of people happy crying. 

Once everyone was looking their best we went to the Providence College Chapel for a beautiful Catholic ceremony.

A little rain couldn't stop us and the photographer, Dan Aguirre, from stepping out for a session, and we were eventually rewarded with a vibrant pink sunset!

The reception took place at Harbor Lights in Warwick Rhode Island in a lovely light filled ballroom. Jenn and Ryan surprised their guests AND US, with a beautifully choreographed first dance and pulled off a seriously impressive lift!! Is this real life? 

The love that Jenn and Ryan share is infectious and impossible to deny. Everyone came together to celebrate them on the dance floor late into the night. 

May a beautiful wedding lead to a beautiful marriage! We can't wait until they have a lifetime of shared memories to reflect back upon. 

Now your moment of zen....

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Lake of Isles North Stonington, CT Wedding Video, Mellissa + Tyler

Melissa and Tyler met in high school, even though they went to two different high schools. Their relationship blossomed one summer night, out around a campfire. 

Since that night, they had been almost inseparable and used to spend hours talking on the phone with one another, often times drifting off to sleep in the early hours of the morning. Their families have also grown incredibly close and Tyler works for Mellissa's Father's company. 

Tyler proposed to Mellissa on her birthday in the most elaborate of ways. Not only did he surprise her with the proposal on a late afternoon hike, but when they returned back home their living room was filled with all of Melissa's friends and family for her surprise Birthday party!!

They were married in one of the MOST beautiful churches I have ever seen, St Patrick’s Cathedral in Norwich CT. Monsignor Tony, one of the kindest officiants I have ever encountered, presided over the ceremony with great love for the couple as they and their families have long been parishioners. He even had tissues on hand when Mellissa got choked up during her vows. 

The beautiful ceremony was followed by a totally rockin' reception at Lake of Isles in North Stonington, CT. 

This day was full of so much love and emotion its hard to put into words, so you really should enjoy one of my favorite fall wedding videos we have ever created.  

What a beautiful fall day in New England surrounded by the loveliest of families and friends. 

Now here's a fun behind the scenes story. As I pulled up to the church in my usual flurry of excitement. I was backing into my parallel spot a little fast perhaps and hit the curb which popped my tire! I got out and immediately heard the hiss of the air escaping. Quickly I put in an order in online with AAA and instructed them to arrive when the ceremony ended. I filmed the most stunning ceremony and came back out to a friendly AAA person who popped on my spare, and off I went to the reception! A bit more excitement than I prefer right before heading in to film the most important moment in someone's life, but rest assured everything went beautifully. 

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Kimberly + Eric Capo Restaurant and St Cecilia Wedding

Are you available THIS SATURDAY? 

The morning of July 26th, 2016 I woke up on the west coast ready to catch my flight back to Boston with this message in my inbox. Kimberly and Eric decided they needed to have a wedding video four days before their big day! I am so happy they stumbled upon Olive Ewe Productions, and that we were available, because boy, this is a wedding to remember. 

Some fun facts I learned on my call with Kimberly before leaving for the airport: 

  1. Kimberly and Eric have been together for 25 years
  2. Eric owns the restaurant, Capo in South Boston among others, where the reception will take place
  3. Kimberly is wearing a CRIMSON colored dress 
  4. They are the coolest people (well she didn't say that but I could tell already)

We met up for the first time at the rehearsal at St Cecilia in Back Bay and conducted our pre-interview, which is basically a practice run for the real interviews you see in all our videos. 

Their love story is beautiful not only because of the obvious length of time they have shared together, but because of the care and devotion they show towards one another in the stories they choose to remember and tell. Kimberly spared a pair of gloves for Eric on a cold night at Boston University and unknowingly sparked their relationship, and Eric all but forced a restaurant to stay open a little longer to feed Kimberly on their first date. If that's not love I'm not sure what is. 

Take a moment to watch their beautiful Boston wedding video. 

How awesome is their proposal story?! I literally cannot think of anything more romantic. 

I need to take a moment here to shamelessly plug Eric's restaurant Capo. The food, THE FOOD, people, the food. Have your event, wedding, or just have your next dinner there, go and thank me later. 

Also, let this be a beacon of hope to anyone out there considering a different colored wedding dress. They exist, they are amazing, don't even question it just do it. 

Kimberly and Eric, thank you so much for choosing us to film your wedding. I know you will enjoy the next 25 years (and then some) together. 

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