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Being Prepared, Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Dear Bridesmaids and Groomsmen,

If you have not yet had the joy of experiencing it for yourself, getting everything together for a wedding day is a monumental undertaking. Choosing a date, picking a venue, making a guest list, changing that guest list, sending out all the invites. Then there's hiring of the DJ or Band, the catering company, the bakery for the cake, finding the perfect outfit/accessories, guest wedding favors, the florist, those littler decorations that adorn a table at the entrance of the reception hall, and of course hiring a videographer and photographer to capture everything you have just spent literally thousands of dollars on so you can remember it forever, Perhaps you have had the pleasure of helping your friend out throughout this process, or perhaps your friend did not need the help. Whatever the case of your involvement before your friend's big day arrives, maybe now you have a small understanding of the time and thought that goes into it.

Despite all of that planning and attention to detail, a wedding day, though special in its meaning, is a day like any other. Daily life, much like the New England weather, is unpredictable. And the last thing you want for your loved one is for a tiny unaccounted for aspect, like getting a blister wearing new shoes, or a small headache from not sleeping well the night before, to put a damper on the day.

This is where you, the amazing friend or family member can help save the day!  You can create a small wedding day emergency kit for all the ailments and details that your already overwhelmed couple have not had the time to think of. I have seen many bridesmaids and groomsmen do this, and it always turned out to be such a fantastic idea that I thought it was worth sharing. In fact, I was so inspired by this gesture of foresight and kindness that I did it for my best friend on her wedding day! Fun story on that later. For now, here's what I suggest including in your kit: 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit squarespace.jpg
  1. Band-aids
  2. Mole-skin
  3. Tide-to-go pen
  4. Bobby pins
  5. Safety pins
  6. Hairspray
  7. Tiny deodorant
  8. Floss picks 
  9. Sewing kit
  10. Breath mints
  11. Protein bar
  12. Chocolate
  13. Tylenol/Advil
  14. Imodium/Tums 
  15. Little Scissors/Swiss army knife 
  16. Eye-drops
  17. Lotion
  18. Small Water Bottle

Buy the compact version of each of these items, and fit everything into a bag that can be easily held in one hand. Why? Because you are going to bring this with you aaaaaaall day from the prep all the way through the reception. You never know when disaster might strike! (Although, please do not combine any over the counter medications with alcohol, that could be a really big disaster.) 

Story Time

When I put together my wedding day emergency kit for my best friend Hilary's wedding, I asked myself how important that $5 Tide-to-go pen really was. After much self-debate in the aisles of CVS, I bought it anyways. The following week, Hilary was on the finishing touch of putting on her gown. She asked her dad to pin on the bow-sash to her dress. As he was doing so he pricked his finger and a few noticeable drops of blood dripped on to the back of her dress! There was some mild panic in the room, we all looked at each other and asked, how do we get rid of this? Remembering the $5 Tide-to-go pen, I pulled it from my emergency bag, and applied it quickly to the silk ribbon. Worked like a charm, and you could NEVER tell what had just unfolded. Then she got married and everything was great. Thanks emergency kit!

If getting all of these things together before the big day is not in the cards for your schedule, Guest Boxes makes prefabbed ones for guys and gals that come with just about everything, though for a pretty penny.  Then again, depending on who your videographer is, ehem, they probably have one of these babies lying in their bag. 

When it comes to protecting the memories of the day? Nothing is better than a wedding video, see why we think so here ;)

Lake of Isles North Stonington, CT Wedding Video, Mellissa + Tyler

Melissa and Tyler met in high school, even though they went to two different high schools. Their relationship blossomed one summer night, out around a campfire. 

Since that night, they had been almost inseparable and used to spend hours talking on the phone with one another, often times drifting off to sleep in the early hours of the morning. Their families have also grown incredibly close and Tyler works for Mellissa's Father's company. 

Tyler proposed to Mellissa on her birthday in the most elaborate of ways. Not only did he surprise her with the proposal on a late afternoon hike, but when they returned back home their living room was filled with all of Melissa's friends and family for her surprise Birthday party!!

They were married in one of the MOST beautiful churches I have ever seen, St Patrick’s Cathedral in Norwich CT. Monsignor Tony, one of the kindest officiants I have ever encountered, presided over the ceremony with great love for the couple as they and their families have long been parishioners. He even had tissues on hand when Mellissa got choked up during her vows. 

The beautiful ceremony was followed by a totally rockin' reception at Lake of Isles in North Stonington, CT. 

This day was full of so much love and emotion its hard to put into words, so you really should enjoy one of my favorite fall wedding videos we have ever created.  

What a beautiful fall day in New England surrounded by the loveliest of families and friends. 

Now here's a fun behind the scenes story. As I pulled up to the church in my usual flurry of excitement. I was backing into my parallel spot a little fast perhaps and hit the curb which popped my tire! I got out and immediately heard the hiss of the air escaping. Quickly I put in an order in online with AAA and instructed them to arrive when the ceremony ended. I filmed the most stunning ceremony and came back out to a friendly AAA person who popped on my spare, and off I went to the reception! A bit more excitement than I prefer right before heading in to film the most important moment in someone's life, but rest assured everything went beautifully. 

Now your moment of zen.....

Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Easier and Your Video Even Better

Each wedding day is unique and yours will be too. Vastly different people, families, places, customs, personalities all converging on one day. Having experienced 100+ or so weddings as a vendor and guest here are my two cents to help you have a smoother and more fun day.  

Get Ready in the Same Building as Your Beloved

Getting ready in the same building as your soon to be spouse is extremely helpful, especially if your ceremony and reception are at two different venues. Who has the rings or the marriage license? What about gifts or cards? When and how will you exchange them? Does grandma have the broach for something borrowed? Wait where are the flowers being delivered? Who has the boutonnieres?

By staying in the same place you eliminate many of these questions and worries about who has what.

If you can take it step further, have the entire day in one location like we have seen at The Willowdale Estate or Holliston Historical Society. Their getting ready rooms are beautiful and large, which brings me to part 2 of this advice.

Get the Deluxe Suite or Rent a Big House

How many bridesmaids and groomsmen do you have? We commonly see between 5-8 on each side, which is a lot of adult humans that need to get ready to look their best!

Think of all the things you need: Room for hair and makeup, a place to hang delicate dresses and suits, somewhere to put your lunches, gift bags, champagne and whiskey glasses, tons and tons of bags and things everywhere.

You could definitely not have this much fun inside a normal sized hotel room with allllll your wedding day gear. 

You could definitely not have this much fun inside a normal sized hotel room with allllll your wedding day gear. 

You will need to have as much space as you can reasonably afford for all of that. Do not underestimate how much time you will spend in these spaces getting ready and taking unforgettable videos and pictures. Surround yourself with enough beauty and space to decompress so you can mentally and physically prepare for the rest of your day (and life).

This does not mean you have to go break the bank on the presidential suite. Look into house rentals on websites like AirBNB where you can find amazing deals. (Helpful hint, be sure to message your host ahead of time and tell them you will be getting ready for your wedding and they will go the extra mile.) 

This rental house was so big they were able to have their first look inside when it started to rain!

This rental house was so big they were able to have their first look inside when it started to rain!

Write Your Own Vows (If Your Religion Allows For It) 

Audio is 50% of a video, so the more personalized you get, the more meaningful your video will be to you, your friends, and family.

While we already conduct brief interviews that allow you to tell your stories of meeting, falling in love, and getting engaged, the more audio we can collect, the better. Listen to these two personalized vow snippets and tell me they aren't the sweetest things you've ever heard.


Feeling nervous or having writer's block? Here are a few vow writing tips.

If you cannot write your own vows because of religious reasons I highly recommend memorizing the vows your officiant will have you recite. This way, you can focus on each other instead of trying to repeat the words back in perfect order. And here's a fun idea, if you're having a first look, prepare a couple sweet or silly words to share with each other then!

Have an Unplugged Ceremony

Your uncle bob sucks at taking pictures and videos, there I said it. You have spent good money on your photographers and videographers and there is nothing worse than your guests unintentionally ruining our angles with their smartphones blocking our view. To avoid this, have what is called "an unplugged wedding." Post signs at the entrance to your ceremony or include a note on the program kindly asking that everyone refrains from smartphone and flash photography. Trust us, we have you covered.

Have a Bit of Live Music

Bearfight, the most rocking and friendliest band in all of Boston

Bearfight, the most rocking and friendliest band in all of Boston

Ripcord, a funky and soulful top 40 cover band in Boston

Ripcord, a funky and soulful top 40 cover band in Boston

Live music sets the mood and brings your guests into the atmosphere of the day. Whether that is some acoustic instruments at your ceremony or cocktail hour, or a full out band for your reception, live music makes for an unforgettable experience. 

Imagine walking down the aisle with this string quartet

Imagine walking down the aisle with this string quartet

Choreograph Your First Dance

My last tip is definitely not for everyone, but I would recommend it for anyone who's feeling nervous or excited about their first dance. Wait, I guess that is everyone? 

If you love dancing but you're not sure what to do, bring your song of choice to your closest dance studio and ask for some choreography. They will plan it out and teach you the moves one by one. 

If you don't like dancing you will want to do this even more, unless you enjoy swaying awkwardly in front of 100+ people. You don't have to pull a Dirty Dancing on your guests, but learning some basic steps and how to twirl will go a long way and ultimately make you more comfortable out on the dance floor. 

Don't forget to practice, practice, practice so it becomes muscle memory and you can have fun without overthinking it. Your dance lessons will make for a super fun date night, and let's face it, you need a super fun date night amidst all this planning. 

Have Fun!

I know there are a million and a half articles floating out there about what to do or what you must do on your wedding day. So I hope you take my advice for what it is, advice. Feel free to use or ignore as much or as little of it as you want. The most important thing is that you honor the person you love and celebrate as you see fit, and of course capture all of that on video ;-)

(you can probably tell by now that I love seeing fancy wedding dresses twirling)

(you can probably tell by now that I love seeing fancy wedding dresses twirling)

Still not sure you need a video to capture all your amazingly beautiful and diligently planned moments? Let us count the ways why you do.........

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