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Harbor Lights Rhode Island Wedding Film, Jenn + Ryan

With a bit of luck, Jenn and Ryan met at a bar during the Red Sox World Series game 6. Ryan, ever the social lovable guy, struck up a conversation with Jenn. As Jenn went to leave, her friend slipped Ryan a napkin with Jenn's number on it. What followed was a World Series winning game 7 for the Sox, a first kiss on a first date, and the spark of a relationship that would unite two hearts and families forever. 

Jenn and Ryan were married on April 21st of 2017 surrounded by their friends and family. Their day started with exchanging heartfelt notes to each other. Ryan wrote about all the advice and wonderful things he looks forward to sharing with other people in the future about marriage. Boy does he know how to get a room of people happy crying. 

Once everyone was looking their best we went to the Providence College Chapel for a beautiful Catholic ceremony.

A little rain couldn't stop us and the photographer, Dan Aguirre, from stepping out for a session, and we were eventually rewarded with a vibrant pink sunset!

The reception took place at Harbor Lights in Warwick Rhode Island in a lovely light filled ballroom. Jenn and Ryan surprised their guests AND US, with a beautifully choreographed first dance and pulled off a seriously impressive lift!! Is this real life? 

The love that Jenn and Ryan share is infectious and impossible to deny. Everyone came together to celebrate them on the dance floor late into the night. 

May a beautiful wedding lead to a beautiful marriage! We can't wait until they have a lifetime of shared memories to reflect back upon. 

Now your moment of zen....

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Waverly Oaks in Plymouth MA Wedding

These two lovely people have one of my favorite engagement stories because of its practicality and perfect sweetness. Diana and Suraj had been together for several years when they finally decided to get married, together.  It's not very often you hear this sort of thing but it suits their personalities and relationship so well, it could not have gone down any other way.

Once they mutually agreed marriage was the next step for them, they decided on a date to announce to their friends and family. That morning they woke up and read each other personally crafted vows (some of which you actually hear in their film). That evening they saw a concert and walked around Harvard Square. No anxiety or pressure, just a lovely day together, and I would say the exact same was the overall feeling of their wedding day. (Well except for maybe a few butterflies before publicly declaring their love for each other in front of rough 120 people.) 

Their wedding took place entirely at Waverly Oaks Golf Club in Plymouth MA. The weather was literally perfect, for real check out the sunset they got. 

Their wedding ceremony was a Western and Indian mix that was perfectly balanced. Diana wore a white gown that converted to short for maximum fun dancing times at the reception! And she had henna hand and feet art done in keeping with Indian custom. 

They are so freaking adorable, they choreographed this little number to "Boogie Shoes" to entertain their guests a bit at the reception and it really got the party started. Check out some more sick dance moves and listen to their sweet personalized vows in their wedding video. 

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Fort Getty Rhode Island Wedding, Alli + Noah

Poets often describe love as an emotion that cannot be controlled.
— Nicholas Sparks

Love is not unlike the weather I suppose. Cue this visually stunning, romantic, rainy, beach wedding. Yes, you read that correct. One of the most beautiful New England weddings I have had the pleasure of witnessing both inside and out, and it absolutely poured right before the ceremony. 

Let this be a lesson to all who read, that no matter the circumstances of your day, it will never be any less special or beautiful so long as you are surrounded by the people you love (and maybe some lobsters, an ice cream truck, and enveloped in a stunning dress or suit.)

Without further adieu, I present to you Alli & Noah rainy, beach, New England, wedding video. 

May your rainy times be spent full of people you love, and may the happy times be spent dance under sunsets on the beach.

And now your moment of zen...

Andover Country Club Wedding, Brittany + Francis

Brittany and Francis had been together a little over a decade when they were married on May 29th, 2016. Its such a joy to see two people that have been together for so long be so excited about spending the rest of their lives together. I mean, look at their faces. Happiest people alive!

The ceremony took place at the stunning St Augustine's Parish with Father Lou officiating. Father Lou was the kindest and most insightful Deacon I have had the honor of filming. He pointed out that although Catholic weddings must abide by certain rules, that the options given to the couple can make 130 combinations of a Catholic ceremony and today was Brittany and Francis' version. LOVED that. 

I could go on to describe their take on Catholic vows, but I think its best that you watch at this point.


My favorite surprise of the day was the cousin who brought his fiddle to play some Irish tunes after the ceremony and during the reception. And that wasn't even all the live music that day! The band The Party Factor supplied the tunes and entertainment for the reception at the Andover Country Club and totally crushed it. 

No moment of zen this time, this day was action packed! 

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