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LaBelle Winery Nashua NH Wedding Film, Annabel + Ethan

"Math and Love are a lot alike. Math adds numbers, and Love adds happiness. Math is really the beauty of reason, its not about the numbers, its about what the numbers mean. Love isn't about numbers. Love isn't about keeping score or records. It's about bringing meaning to us."

LaBelle Winery Wedding Dip

When two self-proclaimed nerds meet and eventually fall in love, you can bet that there will be some mention of their particular form of nerdiness during the ceremony. In the case of Annabel and Ethan, their relationship formed while studying their respective interests over one summer. Annabel was creating computer programs to choreograph dance, and Ethan was translating a German missionary text into English. So, "In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything." They went to see the extended editions of Lord of the Rings theatrical re-release together on their first of many dates.

After that, Annabel found out Ethan would be studying abroad for a whole year in Austria and she gave him an ultimatum. If I'm going to come all the way to Austria to visit you, this needs to be official. Next thing you know it is several different living situations and states later, and they are getting married!


The morning of their wedding started with getting ready at the lovely Crowne Plaza Nashua, NH. 


Then it was off to LaBelle Winery for all the other events of the day! What a setting. Rolling vineyard hills, a tall grass prairie, high ceilings with modern lines, and impeccable service. All of this an hour from Boston? You can count us in anytime!

Their musical act for the evening took the cake for most uniquely entertaining. Annabel and her family regularly travel to Disney Orlando and frequent a restaurant with dueling piano entertainment Scotty and Ray. She wanted so badly for them to be a part of their day that they flew them up to NH and rented pianos for them. And if you think two guys with two pianos can't cover a wide variety of music and bring the party, you are so dead wrong. These guys have some serious talent and it was hard to believe it when the night was over, it flew by!


Now your moment of zen....

LaBelle Winery Sparkling

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