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Olive Ewe Productions is a Boston based wedding video production company that loves to hear your stories and capture your most cherished moments. 

Orin and Laura

My wedding year started with the wonderful Orin and Laura. Orin was the most loving and emotional grooms I have ever met, and I dare you to watch his interview without tearing up. Laura was somehow the master of zen the entire day smiling and calm even during the pre-wedding chaos! She wowed (Orin literally says wow in the video) in her sleek dress with her fur shrug.

I highly recommend watching the video below. Michael Worthley scored the trailer, and once again did a fantastic job.

The church was quaint, and the reverend Daniel  was incredibly kind to me and my second shooter, Keiko Makishima. The reception had some wild dancing and continued long into the night. We awoke the next morning to the winter wonderland of Woodstock Vermont and relaxed while shooting some exterior shots of the beautiful town. We gorged on the local diner food, and stopping into every shop on the main street, and then headed back to Beantown! Thank you Orin and Laura, for including me on this wonderful day!

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