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Chris and Jenny

A little over two weeks ago I had the privilege of filming Jenny and Chris Parker’s wedding. It certainly was not the easiest of weddings to shoot, with five different locations all over South Boston, a strict church, and an impending doomsday thunder storm, but the footage came out beautifully and the reception was a blast! So I’ll stop blathering on, here is the video with some more original music by the wonderful Michael Worthley.


It was an emotional day for everyone, especially Jenny, who warned me beforehand that her entirely family would cry. And they did, several times. Her makeup still looked flawless, and I was totally obsessed with the dress. Despite it absolutely pouring during the reception, the tent kept most of us dry, except of course the ground. The bottom of Jenny’s gorgeous dress was soaked and a shade of gray by the end of the night. But Chris and Jenny still danced the night away and clearly had the time of their lives!

And I hit the photo booth again…..


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